Our Mission: To help impoverished Nicaraguans break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by providing real opportunities for economic, social, educational, and spiritual growth.

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According to the UNDP:
- Nicaragua is the second poorest country
  in the Americas
- 48% of the population lives below the
  poverty line
- Nearly 80% of Nicaraguans earn less
  than $2 per day
- Nearly 70% of Nicaraguans are
  unemployed or underemployed
- One in four children is born to a teenage


Acccording to Unicef:
- One-third of the adult population cannot
  read or write
- Only 29% of Nicaraguan children
  complete primary (elementary) school
- It takes the average Nicaraguan 10 years
  to complete elementary school
- Less than half (40%) of students who
  finish elementary school go on to
  complete high school


According to the FAO:
- 27% of all Nicaraguans are suffering from
  undernourishment, the highest
  percentage in all of Central America
- One in three children suffer from some
  form of malnutrition
- 20% of the population could not meet
  their minimal daily caloric requirement if
  they spent 100% of their income on food. - 3.8% of Nicaraguan children die
  before the age of 5
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